The Three S to Success

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Have you already heard about U-GOTCASH? An innovative payment processor and e-currency system that provides a solution for online money transfers. For the new ones that just have heard about this new e-currency system, did it happen to cross your mind that this e-currency system is not just a payment processor, it also works as an online money transfer service. And it truly is the global payment portal that it claims to be. Because it’s not just a payment processor and a solution for online money transfer, it has these competitive features that are so inviting and revolutionary for online banking for its offshore banking structure.

In this program, you will achieve the three factors to become successful while you stay at your own home. They have the SECURITY in terms of payment and legality of the company and good SERVICE leading to SATISFACTION when it comes to member’s expectations that made U-GOTCASH reach its growing success and you too can become successful when you join this program.

SECURITY. A 100% secure online payment processor located entirely offshore in Panama thus a creation of a portal to introduce a project developed to insure all compliancy both local and international laws. They also offer the highest security, protection and privacy through the help of multi-jurisdictional laws enforced and implemented. You are assured that the money you entrust with UGC is safe and secure in the program.

SERVICE. U-GOT CASH has a fast and easy way to deposit and withdraw funds, it is also a way to send or request money from friends and family, a good way to pay your members or employees, a truly international way to transfer money through a network of global banks worldwide, access to a debit card that can be used in ATM machines everywhere, a payment processor that will NEVER freeze your account, a totally transparent company compliant to law, provides an AWESOME affiliate program for those who want to earn by referring others, access to our sister site, Finance Portal Solutions, where you will find private wealth – building programs and shareholder opportunities and finally a company where customer care is a top priority 24/7.

SATISFACTION. All the concerns of members through their well trained customer care agents is available 24/7 to settle all transactions that was made by the members and those who are interested to join the program. This program has no delayed payment and transactions, one of the reasons why members are satisfied. Being one of the members in this program is a great privilege for it becomes the means for great success in terms of SECURITY, SERVICE and SATISFACTION.


Adapt a CEO's Mindset to Achieve Goals

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Why would we want to have a mindset of a CEO? CEOs epitomize power, popularity, wealth and success. If we want to reach and achieve our goals and dreams in life we must look up to our corporate leaders and successful entrepreneurs. They are symbols of people who have no fear, no self-doubt, have great self-awareness and have mastered themselves.


How does one set up his mind like that of a CEO’s mindset? First, what is mindset? Mindset is a fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations. It is an intention or inclination, mood, and habit about how a person deals with life experiences.


If you want to replicate a CEO’s success you have to copy and adapt his attitude. The qualities of a CEO one must have are:

1. Self-reliance – CEOs make decisions alone and are very much self-sufficient. They always take initiative in everything they do and act on. They take accountability of their freedom or independence.

2. Optimism – When everything is done in a positive atmosphere, everything else follows. When one works cheerfully, it generates warmth and influences others to be the same. If one toils his daily task with glee, it imbibes a delightful perception while tackling the day’s work.

3. Commitment – This means you are devoted to make and take whatever it is to achieve your goals. Your efforts are concentrated and you are focused on attaining your goals. You take charge and persevere to see it all through.

4. Be like Flash! - Do things in speed. The worst enemy is procrastination, alibis and best excuses. Take action non-stop and you will be surprised by the results. “Anyone can duplicate success.” If CEOs have achieved a lot in life, you too can!


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Legal Merchant Account

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U-GotCash is structured in Panama for the highest legal protection. It is built on a solid legal foundation that meets a variety of client’s needs in our complex global economy.


They are giving these advantages for personal account holders, merchants, businesses, and network marketers. If you want a payment processor that operates legally in all jurisdictions and make sure your funds are safe and secure, and if you want to be assured that the payment processor is compliant to all applicable laws, have an account at U-GotCash!


An Online Payment that Cares For You

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Despite the current trend of online shopping in the era of consumerism, people are nonetheless scared of using online payment portals. Why? It is because of the abundance of fraud in the internet. That is why we are now introducing U-GotCash -- an online payment portal that will benefit businesses and merchants alike.


U-GotCash cares for you! So, we have secured a system for you. U-GotCash has a careful well-planned structure. Get to know U-GotCash. This payment portal is a Panamian corporation that is a subsidiary of Finance Portal Solutions. U-GotCash is the cornerstone of the Portal Project IC. Of course, it won’t have these credits if it is not well planned to serve customers like you.


U-GotCash is quite a catch, but to prove you more, we as customers should know more about U-GotCash. First, U-GotCash payment portal business operation is in strict compliance with international and domestic laws regulating financial transactions. U-GotCash upholds a legal jurisdiction that provides the highest possible legal protection and respects individual privacy—something worthy to boast about it! UGC’s primary goal is discerning their customer’s concerns. Furthermore, U-GotCash goes beyond knowing their customers’ needs and with this in mind you are always treated as a valued member and partner in U-GotCash. Customers and soon to be partners have the security and protection of knowing that their privacy and confidentiality is safe and protected.


So why settle for unreliable payment portal programs if something like U-GotCash waits for you. Take the chance of these great advantages only in U-GotCash.


U-GotCash Excellent Service 100 % Supports You

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Everybody wants good service and most importantly knowing their money is secure. Now, U-GotCash is the answer for all your needs. U-GotCash is now offering you the chance to experience a not- just- good but an excellent service, making you satisfied for a simple, secure, easy and fast online money transfer.


That’s not all! U-GotCash is also giving you opportunity to make cash. Yes, it is not just a payment portal online but a program that will help you make cash. U-GotCash has opened the door for total customer satisfaction. So if you want to make a mountain out of your money for real, U-GotCash is the answer. You will not be alone in this business. The U-GotCash team will support and help you. In their innovative program, you will be having your partners; the team will help you start up with your U-GotCash. There is nothing to be scared of, nothing to doubt about this program; because it is a totally secure and legal program.


U-GotCash is the first e-currency transfer system with security, safety, and transparency—and is totally legal. Remember, your success is in your hands. And U-GotCash will always be here to help you. You have found a great deal in UGC; fast service, security, transparency and best of all it’s a payment portal offering a business opportunity for everyone. So what are you waiting for, it is all in U-GotCash. Making its way and your way to excellence!


Planting Your Money

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Planting rice is never fun from the morn’ till set of sun. Cannot stand and cannot sit; cannot rest for a little bit.


This is what farmers do for a living. Definitely they have to wake up very early in the morning to cultivate and sow the crop so when the time comes to harvest, they will be reaping their income.


Guess we cannot do that in the city, right? Naturally, there is no rice field in the metro. So what we are actually cultivating here is money! We scatter money, cultivate it and later on you will harvest your fruit of labor—your money has doubled.


But how can you plant your money? This is the question that has gotten in my mind. Hence, planting your money simply means investing your money at the right business or venture. You can now earn an income without staying all day out in the sun.


There are many ways you can invest your money with. Start up your own business, invest a certain amount of money at the stocks exchange, or you may invest in a stable business for sure you will heap your rewards of investing and planting money at the right business or corporation.


Merely; it is not just how much you will cultivate your money, it is where you plant it!